Our Customer Voice

John K


They were principally responsible for the renovation of a house that I own on Staten Island. Outstanding attention to detail. Fine workmanship. As an example I replaced all of the baseboard moulding that had been painted several times with lead paint with new cypress moulding. Some of the corners were rounded which required a technique other than the traditional angle cut. The finished product was excellent.

They are able to complete a variety of projects, including bathrooms, showers, kitchens as well as carpentry work. 

I would recommend them to anyone considering home renovations, whether a large or small project. 

Vinny C


As a first time home buyer, I purchased a older home. I had several projects in the home that needed to be done and after speaking to a friend, I was recommended Stanford Designs. From the start, I knew I made the right choice choosing them. Gerard and all of his guys made it a very personal and easy process. The biggest project was our total kitchen remodel and they designed it exactly how we visioned it. The workers were extremely pleasant and professional and would go above and beyond to make us happy. If I had to do it all over again, I would use Stanford Designs without thinking twice about it!

James F


Stanford Designs came recommended to me by a friend when I was looking to have a small project completed. Gerard and his crew are an incredibly professional, talented and a true pleasure to work with. From my first small project  to my second house completely being redesigned, Gerard and the crew made it stress free.
Fran Franco , New Jersey

Thomas G


Extremely Professional, Knowledgeable, and Caring!

Gerard Stanford was one of the best contractors I have ever come across. I highly recommend him for any and all renovations!

He came into our home to do a complete renovation from the ground floor up. During his time with us he was patient, caring, and provided all his knowledge and experiences to us. He came with us to multiple locations, on his own time, to provide suggestions and insight on different pieces for the home. It became clear that his goal in mind was to create a home with 100% satisfaction and with the same amount of love and care he would give his own.

Even then his professionalism did not stop there. His employees were efficient, clean, and respectful. He would ensure any errors (no matter how minor) were corrected. He placed his full attention on the project at hand and completed it within a timely manner. The home came out absolutely stunning and I highly recommend him to anyone making any kind of renovations!

My wife and I moved back into my mother’s home after my father passed away in order to help her. We were both excited to help but saddened that the home didn’t feel like ours. Because of Gerard, he brought a large piece of happiness into our families’ lives giving us the well needed love and care one could ask for! The house became our home and the love put into it was very clear. I could never thank him enough for all the hard work, care, and patience he put into it.

Linda P


It is my pleasure to recommend Stanford Designs for any home construction projects.